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Prices are 20 Eur per 1 hour lecture. Price includes refreshment.
Minimum is 2 persons max. 10 persons.


Health check bio magnetic diagnostic method is a week long  40 + hours professional course.  As this is course mainly for any health professionals as first to use diagnostic method for clients price is 700 Eur. This course can attend everyone interested in such original scientific diagnostic method. It gives you clear picture about recent health state of your client without asking one question or looking to client medical record. Also suitable for veterinary doctors for animals’ diagnostic if you know its anatomy. / But not suitable for ants or other micro animals diagnostic/.
Only students that pass all exams receive certificate. Certificate will be issued if you will be able to use this method, even after several months of training. Fee is for lectures and not include certificate of ability to use this bio diagnostic method.


Price will be dependent on prices of material in time of your bookings.
Basic price rule is 100 Eur per workshop per person, this could be higher or lower per each workshop dependent on prices and quantities of material we need to use.

Your investment to workshop will be back at your first project as you do not need to use professionals /those available may be  limited quality, even working for companies/.

From some workshops you can set up your future business.

Some Workshops are week long.  Lunch included.

Many workshops are on professional level syllabuses from English technical schools.

Please call for recent details.

All workshops will be delivered in simple English.