School for Good Life

Organic Village Project


Pioneering multi housing project designed as complete living solution, considering all aspect of human life targeting Ecology, Economy, Education, Employment, Health and other life issues in one project.

Organic Village with name  L O V E - Ladi’s Organic Villages Estates /  with Houses, Schools, Farms, Business and Manufacturing Park, Hotel,  Holiday Park, Health Regeneration Centre for children and adults - all within future Organic Construction Standards. For more details including houses design plans, village transport powered by air cars, agriculture robot….. Contact us via email.

We assume Organic Villages project is, currently, the only one existing combination of housing, healthy lifestyle and business project.

We do not build single houses for interested individuals, only complete villages; this is main purpose and our goal.

Organic Houses is not only a business, it is also a mission!
Thank you!
Ladislav Babsky
Founder, Project Director,
Organic Houses Ltd.