School for Good Life

New School for Good Life Program Structure



Technical / Construction Programs:


1.    Household keeping and maintenance course also for males.

2.     Garden keeping course, including advanced garden automatic technologies

3.     House machinery course how to use, maintains and repair also for females

4.     Repairs in house /paintings, plumbing, heating, cooling  and ventilation systems house  electric power system, solar systems, / both photovoltaic and water/ course. Also for females.

5.     General mechanical engineering course. Repairs and maintenance all sort of mechanical system, welding of plastics, metals, soldering.

6.     General water engineering course. Including water reservoirs, pump systems, industrial, commercial and domestic water systems installations, maintenance and repairs.

7.     Transport systems for my future family course. / Bicycle, motorcycle, car, van, truck, tractor driving knowledge/

8.     Permaculture and environmental balance course

9.     Eco buildings construction and maintenance.

10. Environmental radiation course & its health issues and protection systems

11. Buildings Biology Course or sick homes syndrome. Including reports writing.

12.  Clay Owen, rocket stove kitchen systems workshop.

13.  How to make natural paints workshop.

14.  Wood works and furniture renovation workshop

15.  How to build underground shelters workshop.

16.  Rocket stove underfloor heating system workshop.

17.  Tailoring & sewing workshop.

18.  Garden watering and irrigation systems course.

19. Home decoration and set up course

20.  Garden machinery and how to use it safely- workshop.

21. Basic faults finding and maintenance of car or motorcycle workshop

22. How to find /detect underground water /dowsing for water/ course.


Food and Nutrition Programs:


23.  Food and nutrition for our happy future - course. Teaches you basic for keeping you in good shape from food point of view.

24.  Raw or  Organic and raw living food preparation course. You will learn how to prepare real natural food including raw meats preparation. For those fussy humans are only one creature in the World to eat food that was heat processed. This food is not natural for us and created diseases in our bodies.

25.  Homemade bakery from sprouted wholegrains flours workshop. It is basic for our health we eat all wheat /grains/ products from sprouted grains which do not contain phytic acid a nature pesticide which strip our body from minerals.

26.  How to preserve food naturally workshop.

27.  Fermented food and drinks making course. We need to eat more raw food  which is not heat processed. Fermentation is not heat processing technique. You will learn how to ferment your food including meats, in supermarkets all fermented products are pasteurises means not raw.

28.  How to slaughter and prepare plants and animals for food by plants and animals welfare.

29.  How to catch fish at lake, river, sea, fishing course

30.  How to find and collect mushrooms, berries and herbs in nature course

31.  How to make raw teas you cannot buy in any shop or restaurant. We know lots of tea preparation methods, but all destroys or alert nutrient content because of high temperature of water. I develop method to make raw teas and drinks from fresh of energy depleted dry herbs and fruits.

32.  Food addiction course, for all having weight problems

33.  Aloe Vera medicinal course, including medical wine making.

34.  Healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive. How to prepare healthy food cheap.

35.  Moringa – nutritional food for future, Practical lecture from seed to food.

36.  Collecting, drying and using sea vegetables in the kitchen.

37.  Dehydrating fruits and vegetables workshop..

38.  Food & nutrition and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic degeneration.


Healing – Selfhealing Programs


39.  Good health a big "must", for future good life and professional career how to maintain it - course. Near all forgetting for health aspect of life when young, but many times health issues comes and all our dreams collapses. We teach all health must for our long term health.

40.  New Yoga in daily life course for whole family. Course is extract of all best from all yoga schools, We have recently about 250 certified schools of yoga in India there is may who are not certified by YIA and than other who are not interested to be certified by YIA /Yoga India Association/. Which one is best for you is hard to tell, it is impossible you try all. Why new? Because all yoga schools are based on ego/ selfishness education,  some yoga schools teach and promote sexual promiscuity what is not aim of school for good life. So we add to standard yoga schools the “ You and We” point what do not exist in recent yoga schools. Strict separation of man and woman is not what for we have been designed by nature,

Individuals having sexual problems and power divided in past natural features of human beings to share life together in all aspects. The limited contacts make difficult communication and knowing each other resulting to many problems in our relationships.

41.  Health Check Course. Body organs scanning diagnostic technique, with       written report for health regeneration. This course is for improving your health not for scarring you. It’s a must course for all health practitioners as you will have independent diagnostic technique.

42.  Body detoxification course, including how to use toilet correctly to prevent lower body diseases. We know hundreds of detox methods but only a few really works for our body needs. You will learn basic principles of body waste removing principles, than you will realise that  detox and detox is not the same.

43.  Environmental radiation course & its health issues and protection systems

44.  Bio energy treatments true or fraud? Lecture. After credit crunch in 2008 hundreds of energy healers comes from bankrupted financial industry pumped lots of money to the advertising not knowing basic principles of works with bioenergy.  Most of them, with no ability of higher feeling we born with. This lecture also shows you practical works with bio energy.

45.  First Aid course in case of emergencies

46.  Herbs for health course. All about healing with plants. We have hundreds herbs that help us to balance our bodies and bring our health back. How much herbs can help us to solve our health problems and also how to use it in everyday life to not overdose our body.

47.  Self-healing by natural way course, What can and cannot be healed at home.We know “energy healers” claiming to heal damaged by accident spinal cord discs and various other unbelievable help. What you can and how much you can do without using healers at home.

48.  Quit Smoking Course via food and exercise. My special program, based on natural food and exercises. Too many methods are available to quit smoking, but you have to find which works for you. Nicotine, cocaine or heroin addicts are on the same boat. Only difference is Nicotine is legal, smokers’ very significant influence their environment by toxic smoke for large areas around them / up to 25 m 2 /and this is the most disgusting side effect of smokers.

Most of the people do not care is someone drinks, sniffing cocaine or injecting heroine this do not affect our children or us. Smoking is real the worst addiction human being can have.

49.  Weight loosing program without drastic diets. Many women suffer from weight problem, but weight problem is due to weak psyche and wrong food structure you’re your digestion genotype, which makes women not only fat but unable to set up relationship and family. May cannot get pregnant because nature barriers of being fat. Most of forced pregnancies via artificial insemination create another genetically affected child with the same problems as their mothers had. Not talking about lots of health problems associated with obesity. If you looking to the nature there are not fat creatures expect humans.

50.  Food addiction course, for all having weight problems.

51.  Phone and internet addiction course.

52.  Aloe Vera medicinal course, including medical wine making

53.  Cancers prevention course.

54.  Massages –      Fresh Herbal Massage Techniques


55.  Yoga special exercises for health regeneration-course.

56.  Self healing yoga classes

57.  Special breathing techniques for stress release. This is not yoga pranayama,  

       Technique is from university psychology research.

58.  Sleeping deprivation and its consequences for long term health - lecture

59.  How to use alcohol for its medicinal benefits- lecture

60.  What is Iboga and how it can help you for addictions – lecture.

61.  How to prepare cancer prevention/ treatment  lektvar from Aloe Arboresis which is used in Jerusalem monastery and tested in hospitals in Israel.


 Psychology & Relationships


62.  What we expect from our lives and what means professional career for us?

Lecture is about what we would like to do in our life, and if our dreams are realistic from the point of conditions we need to reach our goals.

63.  What means money in today’s World and in our life?


64.  Love matters for our life satisfaction. / Organic and Romantic Love Course/

This course if my flagship. We have 2 version one for singles /full/ and one for those married having already children. /improving version/ Everyone thinking seriously about good life must take this course. The younger you are the better for you. This course opens your eyes to the new World.

65.  Setting up realistic future plans lecture.

66.  How to find the right life direction for me - lecture. We have so many choices in our life that we are confused which life direction we should follow. Lecture offers several options to follow for having good life for you.

67.  Life crisis, conflicts, trauma & how to cope with it lecture. Life shocks can kill us learn how to cope with it not to die or having permanent mental problems from it.

68.  How to find new direction in your life after separation, divorce, death of  partner course. One of hardest time in our lives if we lost someone we deal our live with. Very realistic and practical advice how to cope with it.

69.  Our life and our death what is next? Scientific facts lecture.

70.  Your future children management and education course.

71.  Relationship psychology or how to establish and maintain life long, harmonic small amplitudes relationship course. Many good relationships having problems with frequent high and low periods. This drain both partners from energy and after some time they become tired from such relationship that leads to separation. Learn how to establish and maintain “quiet” relationship without arguments and conflicts.

72.  How to move and set up successful life in another country lecture. Many wants to move and start new life in another country, lecture gives you guide how to choose the right country town and culture and arrange all necessary to start smoothly in new country.

73.  Religions and its influence to my family life course.

74.  The wider family and its influence to my relationship lecture.

75.  How to behave in sudden critical situations. /Reality Based Self Defense/

76.  Hugs, and its health and healing effects – lecture

77.  Real sex in relationships lecture. Statistics shows young couples after 30 ties live in celibate relationships, or after having an unexpected child. What to really expect from satisfying sex, how influences our relationship and life.

78.  Love and Relationship Trauma Healing Course. For all having problems with past relationships that left on them physical, mental, emotional, spiritual damages.


Other Courses, Workshops, Excursions.


79.  Office Management as professional career course

80.  How to set up your own business course.

81.  Professional Business Management and Business Etiquette Course.

82.  Information Technology in business course.

83.  Natural soaps shampoos and detergents making workshop. How to make all cleaning product you need in house yourself.

84.  Survival lecture & workshop for natural disaster events

85.  Domesticated animal’s Eco farming course for you home.

86.  How to travel all over the World lecture. Many of us get adventure shows and would like to travel all around the World. You will learn how to prepare and realise such trip without risking too much.

87.  How to make wooden solar & power dual energy food dehydrator.

88.  English conversation courses with yoga and relax day long / weekends/.


Guided excursions to spots that are not on tourist maps by 

your car or by our transport.

89.  How to use Pyramid Energies in our life. Seminar

90.  How to use floating tank therapy to improve our health and life. Seminar

91.  Herb collecting walks  and how to use it.

993.  Natural springs  - excursion  /walking/

94.  Evening Chat at fireplace on interesting topics -health and well being  


95.  Professional English Conversation & Etiquette in tourism-classes.

96.  How to walk in mountains, how to set up safety in eroded rocks, how        

walk on the rocks and general safety gear.

97.  Crop Circles/Pictures phenomena, aliens or someone fraud. Lecture

98.  LOVE- Ladislav’s Organic Villages Estate   My Eco Organic Village project Funds rising seminar..

99.  Clay/herbal massages from Philippines /outdoor only for example 

beach, river/

100. Camping in nature, How to stay in nature without difficulties and  

comfortable like in 5* hotel