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About me


I have background in healthy lifestyle for about 35 years. I began in 1984, learning yoga,  including Kevala jnana – yoga of knowledge, my favorite one.

In 1985 I was invited to alternative medicine conference where I met scientists  developing new diagnostic method for children and patients who cannot speak. I was asked to develop suitable tools that would quickly scan the body´s natural bio magnetic energy on body organs.  I start to work on this project with others and met one of best researchers that time in the field of bio magnetic energies. Research was supported by ministry of health and tested in state hospitals and clinics.

Also I did live programs related to natural medicine, healthy life style and mental wellbeing for two radio stations for three years. Lecturing at several European universities on natural medicine topics, and at international scientific conferences.

As master in education-teacher of five subjects with knowledge of 3 languages, I like to continue teaching adults.  

I have selected popular lectures and workshops.  I do all lectures and workshops myself.

Over the years I have come to realize that the two biggest difficulties affecting human wellbeing are health and love, which is why I focus my activities mainly on these areas.


We are honest and realistic people who look forward to offering you a warm welcome, and helping you to improve your life quickly.

Ladislav Babsky
School for Good Life